Trailer Rentals

At times you may want to transport your own equipment, cycles, household goods, cars, and livestock rather than hire a transporter. Here at Cross Keys Rentals LLC you'll find a wide selection of trailer rentals. We have experience in transporting all types of products and will be happy to assist you in determining which trailer will be the best fit for your cargo and your tow vehicle.


Cross Keys Rentals LLC is also very capable of repairing your trailers. Stop by and tell us what you need. Or simply give us a call at 717 656 7368.


NOTE: All trailer rentals have a cancellation fee.


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8.5 x 20' enclosed car/cargo trailer #110
25' gooseneck #210

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Trailer Towing Tips and Safety


Please understand, a trailer's tires and suspension are not as heavy-duty, nor as refined as your vehicle's.


A trailer's tires are often smaller than your vehicle tires and the suspension much more basic, which will make the trailer much more susceptible to damage from rough roads.  Avoid driving into potholes, over curbs, driving off the edge of the road and etc.


In addition, a trailer's tires are often operating near their maximum capacity of weight.  Driving for several hours, especially with higher speeds, can build up excessive heat, causing fatigue and eventual tire failure.


For this reason, we strongly encourage driving at moderate speeds, under 65 mph.  If the tire rim is bent, suspension damaged, or we determine excessive speeds caused a tire failure; you will be charged for all expenses related to the incident.

You are responsible to keep all items securely fastened to the trailer.


A tip for reversing a trailer: if you place your hand at the bottom of your steering wheel and move it to the right, the trailer will go to the right, if you move your hand to the left, the trailer will go to the left.