Terms & Policies




All rentals are prepaid by cash, local check or debit/credit card unless you have a charge account in good standing with us.


Rental Periods (excluding trailers)

1/2 Day Any 4-5 hour period. Pro-rated after 4 hours, Day rate starts at 6 hours
1/2 Day, Overnight. Out after 4pm, due back by 8am the next day. In use 4 hours or less.
Day Due back 24 hours later. In use 8 hours or less.
Day, Weekend Out after 10am Saturday, due by 8am Monday. In use 8 hours or less.
Week Due back 7 days later. Used 40 hours or less.
28 Days

Due back 28 days later. Used 160 hours or less

Pro-Rated Charges

  For additional hours in use/time out:

Period                 Max Hrs              Charge 
1/2 Day 4 1/4 of rate for each additional hour.
Day 8 1/8 of rate for each additional hour.
Week 40 1/40 of rate for each additional hour.
28 Days 160 1/160 of rate for each additional hour.

Trailer Rental Periods

1/2 Day

Any 4 hour period, Day rate at 5 hours out (enclosed trailers excluded)

Day                         Due back 24 hrs later. 1/2 Day added at 25 hrs, 1 day added at 28hrs
Week Due back 7 days later. 
28 Days

Due back 28 days later. 

Late Returns (without communication)

Communication before your rental period expires is key. A $25 late return fee will be charged for each calendar day without communication or return of the rental item. All rental rates are in effect until the item is returned or the time you call for a pickup. If you call and ask for an extension on your contract before your rental expires, just the normal rental rates apply. 

Cleaning Charges

Return items clean. Cleaning will be billed at the hourly shop labor rate.

Delivery Charges

Based on road mileage from Cross Keys Rentals to the delivery point. 

Fuel Charges

All machines sent with a full tank. All machines w/an hour meter are to be returned full or you have the option of having us fill it and be charged at our current fuel price.


In order to improve equipment availability for other customers and our overall efficiency, we charge a $25 cancellation fee on equipment requiring install time (backhoe, dump trailer sides, etc) and on equipment reservations where you forgot to cancel or just didn't show up. For these reasons, we require a debit/credit card number for all reservations.

There is no fee charged to cancel equipment rentals except in the scenarios mentioned above.


$25 Cancellation Fee on Trailers ($75 on week Reservations)

No hitch ball on bumper, must be receiver hitch under bumper.

$350+ security deposit held on a debit/credit card for trailer rentals.

You must provide a current insurance card for us to photocopy.

Trailer #'s 110 & 111 require a 3/4 ton or larger vehicle for towing.

Trailer rates are based on reserved time out, refund with 48 hrs. notice for early return.


(100 Mile Policy)

You are welcome to use our rentals most anywhere you like, however, all trailers/equipment used more than 100 miles from our shop are used at your own risk and expense. We will not provide mechanical assistance, but we will provide phone support. We will reimburse you for parts and labor only after authorization from us to proceed with repairs and only with the return of the old parts and receipts. We will not reimburse any towing/recovery costs associated with the breakdown and all trailers/equipment must be returned to us at your expense.